Oat BG22 Oat Bran Powder

Oat BG22 Oat Bran Powder

Biogrow Oat BG22TM is The Family's Trusted Brand

Biogrow Oat BG22TM oat bran powder is fully made of Swedish oat bran. Each serving contains 20% oat beta-glucan with high molecular weight (2,200 kDa) which ensures the formation of a thick viscous gel in the intestines. Studies have shown that high viscosity effect produced by oat beta-glucans in the intestines is important to ensure optimal cholesterol-lowering effect.

Biogrow Oat BG22TM Oat Bran Powder with 20% Beta-Glucan is available in 2 (two) pack sizes:-
1. Canister (480g)
2. Travel Pack (9g x 30sachets)

Taking 2 scoops or 2 sachets (±18 g) a day will provide more than 3g of oat beta-glucan. Just mix 1 scoop or 1 sachet into 200 ml of cold or lukewarm water. Drink at least twice daily before meals for best results.*The amount of oat beta-glucan (soluble fiber) recommended for cholesterol lowering effect is 3 g/day.

*FSQD, MOH. Guide to Nutrition Labelling & Claims (as at Dec 2010).

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RCP: RM88.90 (480g Canister) and RM 55.90 (9g x 30 sachets Travel Pack)


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