RE-NATURED Nutrients

RE-NATURED Nutrients

(KKLIU 0087/2017)

RE-NATURED® Vitamin & Mineral Supplements Range
The Supplements of Choice for Today's Lifestyle

As nutritional research advanced, protein, fat and carbohydrate carriers and their critical role in nutrient delivery were discovered. Science had proven that vitamins and minerals were NOT absorbed as pure, isolated compounds.

RE-NATURED® nutrients is a generation of food supplements where vitamins and minerals are molecularly bonded into a concentrated food complex – just as they are found in natural foods. RE-NATURED® is a patented technology from Grow Company Inc. USA.

RE-NATURED® nutrients are better:

  • Absorbed
  • Retained
  • Used by our body

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B-Complex with 11 Vitamin B & 7 Minerals

Vitamin C with Rutin & Bioflavonoids

Vitamin E with Selenium & Beta Carotene

Multiminerals with 17 Minerals (Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium & 14 others)

Multivitamins with 16 Vitamins, 15 Minerals & 3 Digestive Enzymes


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