Grow Tall and Strong with Biogrow DPFTM!

Biogrow DPF High Vitamin D3+ Protein + Fiber (with cocoa flavour) is a high plant protein-fiber powder with muscle and bone health benefits for kids’ optimum growth. It provides > 27% (6.9g) plant protein, complete with 9 essential amino acids for growth and tissues repair. Biogrow DPFTM is dairy-free, lactose-free and suitable for all ages, including vegetarians and adults.

5 H’s 

  • High in protein 

          Functions: essential for growth & brain cells development, build & repair body tissues.  

  • High in fiber (wheat resistant dextrin) 

          Functions: boost immune system, act as prebiotic, enhance probiotic growth,
          promote regular bowel movement  

  • High in calcium 

          Functions: develop strong bones & teeth  

  • High in magnesium 

          Functions: aid in calcium absorption & retention  

  • High in vitamin D3 

          Functions: enhance utilization of calcium & phosphorus in the body

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