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Biogrow HPF-5TM is a unique blend of plant protein and fiber, with additional bone and digestive health benefits. It’s a healthy alternative to animal protein!

Protein is the building blocks of life. It’s the constituent of all the living cells include muscle, bone, skin, hair, nails and other body parts. According to MOH Malaysia, the functions of protein are

  • helps build and repair body tissues
  • essential for growth and development
  • provides amino acids necessary for protein synthesis

Our body cannot store protein and thus, it’s important to replenish the protein supply every day.

Biogrow HPF-5TM is a great choice for the whole family! Just one scoop per day provides:

  • more than 61% protein
  • all 9 essential amino acids
  • fiber (wheat resistant dextrin)
  • unique combination of calcium, magnesium & Vitamin D3

A restriction of calorie intake helps in weight management. One scoop of Biogrow HPF-5TM provides only 54 Calories (or kcal), which constitutes only 2.2% - 2.7% of the average daily energy requirement of an adult (2000 – 2500 Calories/day).

Additionally, Biogrow HPF-5TM has no cholesterol and it is very low in saturated fat. Moreover, Biogrow HPF-5TM that has no sugar-added and all plant based, is suitable for diabetics and vegetarians.

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