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Biogrow was founded on the principle of providing good health based on the concept of Nature. From Nature to you, Biogrow launched ‘Re-Natured® Nutrients vitamins and minerals into the market.

About 15 years ago, a scientific breakthrough was accomplished for the first time enabling the commercial duplication of the natural biological processes by which plants combine nutrient components into food concentrates. This historic milestone made available a new range of nutrient supplements with unparalleled levels of Absorption, Retention and Utilization. At the same time it eliminates the need to take supplements with a meal, an advantage with people who are always on the go.

Studies carried out by Professor J. Vinson from Scranton University, Pennsylvania USA concluded that Food State Nutrients are the most important advancements in nutrition today. They are not just another brand of USP vitamins and inorganic salts. Instead, Food State Nutrients are a unique generation of vitamins and minerals that are molecularly bonded to the basic building blocks of life, protein.

In essence, with current available technology, scientific studies document that RE-NATURED® NUTRIENTS are as close to natural foods as possible.

Over the years, we continue to develop the highest quality of products using the purest and natural ingredients and combine them with the latest scientific research to create cutting edge formulas. Our objective is to inspire your trust and confidence while providing innovative solutions to improve people’s health. Today, we have expanded our product line to 6 main categories namely Re-Natured® Nutrients Vitamins & Minerals, Botanical Supplements, Essential Fatty Acids, Bee Product, and Probiotics.

We will continue to introduce innovation products for better health and better quality of life.


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