Est. 1993

Our Story

With more than 20 years of existence in Malaysia, Biogrow continues to develop high quality, safe and effective healthcare products using the purest and natural ingredients backed by the latest scientific research to create cutting edge formulas.

We are committed to offer top quality products that are manufactured in compliance with the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and strict quality control according to the Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysia.

We strive to fulfil the needs of people in different stages of life, empowering our consumers with knowledge about nutrition, health and wellness to steer them towards good health.

Today, Biogrow’s product line can be broadly categorised into 3 main categories:

1.   Functional Food Products

  • Oat BG22 range of products, ProGut, HPF-5 PLUS, Mixed Berries with Multi Enzymes

2.   Health Supplements

  • RE-NATURED Vitamins & Minerals (Biogrow-VITE, Biogrow-MIN, Biogrow-BM, Biogrow-ES, Biogrow-Citrus), Probiotics 2B, Probiotics Kids Powder

3.   Natural & Traditional Supplements

  • SmoFlo Capsule, OPTIbrite E Capsule, Ginkgo Phytosome, Garlic Hawthorn, Bee Propolis


Our Vision

To become your trusted and reliable healthcare partner with our unwavering commitment – to achieve optimal health together!

Our Mission

  • To provide nutrition and healthcare solutions through product innovation and development.
  • To empower our consumers with knowledge about nutrition, health and wellness.

Take charge of your health today and take the road to a healthier you with Biogrow!