What is the best time to take Biogrow® ProGut?

It is recommended to take Biogrow® ProGut with food or right after meal. Mix 1 sachet in a glass of cold water, fruit juice, soymilk or sprinkle onto cold cereal, salad and yogurt.

How long does it take for Biogrow® ProGut to take effect on bowel movement?

Individual results may vary. For best effect, take 1-2 sachets daily with sufficient water intake.

Is the effect of Biogrow® ProGut same as laxative? Does Biogrow® ProGut cause stomach discomfort?

Biogrow® ProGut is a natural food product and it is different from laxative. Biogrow® ProGut contains only well-researched Oat BG22® oat fiber (soluble and insoluble fiber) and the world’s best documented Bifidobacterium probiotic, B. lactis BB-12® probiotic strain that provides synergistic effect to help restore the balance of gut microbiota and intestinal function.

Does Biogrow® ProGut lead to product dependency?

No. Biogrow® ProGut provides natural ingredients from oat bran and probiotic which do not have medicinal effects that might cause dependency as per certain non-fiber laxatives or stimulants.

Can pre-diabetic and diabetic patients consume Biogrow® ProGut?

Yes. Biogrow® ProGut is a 100% natural product which contains two functional ingredients – Oat BG22® oat fiber (soluble and insoluble fibers) and B. lactis, BB-12® probiotic. It contains no added sugar, no preservatives, no flavouring, no filler and no additives.

Is Biogrow® ProGut suitable for pregnant women?

Yes. Biogrow® ProGut is suitable for pregnant women as it confers benefits from both oat fiber (2.4g of soluble and insoluble fibers) and the world’s best documented Bifidobacterium probiotic, B. lactis, BB-12® for balanced gut microbiota and improved intestinal function.

Is Biogrow® ProGut certified halal?

Yes. Biogrow® ProGut is certified halal by Jakim.