A Drug-free Way to Manage Bowel Movement


- No more feelings of discomfort and fullness

- No more build-up of wastes in colon

- No more laxative dependency




Biogrow® ProGut High-Fiber powder with Probiotics is a food supplement formulated with Dual Action Formula which provides sufficiently high in the well-researched, dietary fibers from Oat BG22® oat bran powder (from Sweden) and B. Lactis, BB-12® probiotics (from Denmark) - the world’s best documented Bifidobacterium probiotic with over 300 scientific publications including over 130 clinical studies*.


This unique combo confers benefits from both fiber and beneficial bacteria that provides a synergistic effect for an improved intestinal function and a balanced gut microbiota.


Dual Action Formula (dietary fiber from Oat BG22®oat bran powder + B. lactis, BB-12® probiotics) helps:

  • Alleviate constipation
  • Restore and maintain the balance of gut microbiota
  • Increase bowel movement frequency
  • Increase fecal bulk
  • Soften the stools



*Information provided by Chr. Hansen A/S, Denmark.


The Features of Biogrow® ProGut:

  • High in fiber (soluble & insoluble fibers)
  • Contains viable probiotic count of 1 billion CFU of B.lactis, BB-12® per sachet
  • High in Protein, Magnesium, Iron & Zinc
  • No added sugar & preservatives
  • Free from aritficial ingredients



Ingredient List:

Oat BG22® oat bran powder, *BB-12® probiotic powder (B. animalis subsp. lactis)

 *B.lactis, BB-12® is an MOH- approved probiotic strain for food products.


Nutrition Information:

Serving size: 1 sachet (≈ 7 g)



Per Serving (1 sachet ≈ 7 g)

Per 100 g


84 kJ

1204 kJ


20 kcal

288 kcal


2.1 g

30.0 g

Total Dietary Fiber

(from oat bran)

2.4 g

34.8 g

of which soluble fiber (β-glucan)

1.2 g

17.0 g

of which insoluble fiber

1.2 g

17.8 g


1.4 g

20.7 g

Total Fat

0.4 g

5.0 g

Monounsaturated Fat

0.1 g

2.1 g

Polyunsaturated Fat

0.1 g

2.0 g

Saturated Fat

< 0.1 g

0.9 g

Trans Fat

0.0 g

0.0 g

Magnesium (Mg)

20 mg

292 mg

Iron (Fe)

0.6 mg

8.9 mg

Zinc (Zn)

0.4 mg

5.2 mg

Sodium (Na)

< 1 mg

3 mg


Who Are Recommended to Take Biogrow® ProGut?

  • Individuals aiming to maintain / improve gut health through dietary modification.
  • Individuals suffering from constipation
  • Individuals aiming to minimize the use of laxatives or reduce laxative dependency.


Direction for Use:

Take 1-2 sachets a day after meals or anytime convenient.

Mix 1 sachet (≈ 7 g) in a glass of cold water, fruit juice, soy milk or sprinkle onto cold cereal, salad and yogurt. Each sachet contains 2.4 g soluble and insoluble fibers and 1 billion of live probiotic cultures to improve intestinal function.


Storage Method:

Store in cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight. No refrigeration is required.


End-of-shelf Product Stability

The quality of this product is guaranteed up to 24 months from the manufacturing date.

Real time stability report shows that B. lactis, BB-12® is stable throughout 24 months shelf life and only sustained a ± 30% drop from the initial count of 1.5 X 109 CFU/g under normal room storage conditions of 30oc/ 70% relative humidity.

Therefore, each sachet of Biogrow® ProGut (≈ 7 g) provides a guaranteed potency of 1 X 109 CFU of B. lactis, BB-12®.



Total cell count


Pack Size:

30 sachets X 7g