Biogrow-VITE (60’s + 60’s)

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BIOGROW-VITE (RE-NATURED® Multivitamins) contains 16 RE-NATURED® vitamins, 15 RE-NATURED® minerals and 3 important digestive enzymes.

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RE-NATURED® Vitamin & Mineral Supplements Range
The Supplements of Choice for Today’s Lifestyle

All foods inherently contain macronutrients including carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which are crucial for nutrients absorption in the body to enhance overall health.

RE-NATURED® nutrient is a generation of food supplements where vitamins and minerals are molecularly bonded into a concentrated food complex – just as they are found in natural foods! In other words, RE-NATURED® nutrients is presented to the body the way nutrients are normally found in the food.

A daily dose of RE-NATURED® nutrients:

Provides absorption of essential nutrients in the body.

RE-NATURED® is a patented technology from Grow Company Inc. USA.

Benefits of RE-NATURED® Nutrients:

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Good absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body
  • Well distribution of nutrients in the body that support overall well-being
  • Can be taken anytime convenient (before/after meal)

BIOGROW-VITE (RE-NATURED® Multivitamins) contains 16 Vitamins, 15 Minerals and 3 Digestive Enzymes.

Benefits of taking BIOGROW-VITE:

  • Maintain healthy body
  • Support balance nutritional intake
  • Aid in overall sense of well-being

BIOGROW-VITE is used as a dietary supplement.

Each Tablet Contains the Following RE-NATURED® Food Complexes:

RE-NATURED® Nutrient Amount per Tablet
Vitamin A in Carrot conc. (equiv. to Vitamin A 2,500IU) 9mg
Vitamin D3 in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Vitamin D3 200IU) 0.2mg
Beta Carotene in Carrot conc. (equiv. to Beta Carotene 500IU) 5mg
Vitamin C in Citrus Fruit media (equiv. to Vitamin C 25mg) 100mg
Vitamin E in Vegetable Oil (equiv. to Vitamin E 15 IU) 60mg
Vitamin B1 in Brewer’s Yeast conc. (equiv. to Vitamin B1 2mg) 8mg
Vitamin B2 in Brewer’s Yeast conc. (equiv. to Vitamin B2 2mg) 20mg
Vitamin B6 in Brewer’s Yeast conc. (equiv. to Vitamin B6 5mg) 25mg
Vitamin B12 in Brewer’s Yeast conc. (equiv. to Vitamin B12 2mcg) 0.4mg
Biotin in Soy concentrate (equiv. to Biotin 50mcg) 10mg
Folic Acid in Alfalfa conc. (equiv. to Folic Acid 125mcg) 12mg
Niacinamide in Baker’s Yeast conc. (equiv. Niacinamide 10mg) 40mg
Pantothenic Acid in Baker’s Yeast conc. (equiv.  to Pantothenic Acid 10mg) 40mg
Choline in Soy Conc. (equiv. to Choline 8.5mg) 34mg
Inositol in Corn Meal conc. (equiv.  to Inositol 1.75mg) 7mg
PABA in Baker’s Yeast conc. (equiv. to PABA 2.5mg) 10mg
Boron in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Boron 50mcg) 5mg
Calcium in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Calcium 2.25mg) 45mg
GTF Chromium in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Chromium 10mcg) 5mg
Copper in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Copper 34mcg) 3mg
Iodine in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Iodine 56mcg) 3mg
Iron in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Iron 2mg) 40mg
Magnesium in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Magnesium 1.5mg) 30mg
Manganese in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Manganese 750mcg) 15mg
Molybdenum in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Molybdenum 9mcg) 4mg
Phosphorus in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Phosphorus 2.5mg) 50mg
Potassium in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Potassium 2.5mg) 50mg
Selenium in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Selenium 17mcg) 17mg
Silicon in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Silicon 9mcg) 0.9mg
Vanadium in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Vanadium 4mcg) 4mg
Zinc in Baker’s Yeast (equiv. to Zinc 2mg) 40mg
Digestive Enzyme Amount per Tablet
Amylase 12.5mg
Bromelain 12.5mg
Papain 12.5mg

Who are recommended to take BIOGROW-VITE?

  • Adults
  • Aging adults
  • Individuals practicing imbalanced diets

Recommended Dosage:
Take 1-2 tablets daily or as recommended by your health care professional.

Storage Method:

Store in a cool, dry place. Away from direct sunlight.

Keep out of reach of children.

Pack Size:
60’s + 60’s Film Coated Tablets.

*No sugar, salt, starch.
*No preservatives, artificial flavour and artificial colour.
*This product is made from natural ingredients. As such, the colour of the tablets may vary from batch to batch. This is a supplement product advertisement.

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Biogrow-VITE (60's + 60's)

Original price was: RM142.10.Current price is: RM106.58.